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Truth is ever to be found in the simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.

Isaac Newton

Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.

Albert Einstein

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Leonardo da Vinci

Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.

Steve Jobs

We simplify the process of bringing your ideas to life

Digital Mettle is a technology consultancy and custom software development firm. Since our founding in May 2001, we have delivered over 200 projects to nearly 100 clients. We are a mature, stable, established team ready to do serious software development for customers of all sizes.

The Digital Mettle difference

Digital Mettle collaborates with our clients to understand the unique challenges of their industries. By understanding a business as a whole and demonstrating solid return on investment, we become trusted to make continuous improvements across our clients’ organizations.

Being a service provider with our longevity is an important distinction. Unlike other development companies, we are not just waiting for the right time to pivot to become a product company. We don’t retain ownership of customer intellectual property to resell it. We will still be here, doing quality custom software development when you need us in the future. Nothing inspires new feature requests like having a finished piece of software in-hand, and you want to make sure you select a firm who will be there to provide the enhancements you need.

No matter your need: A small automation tool or a major new product, please do not hesitate to call and discuss how Digital Mettle can help.


Digital Mettle have been more than contractors. They have been an integral part of our team since the inception of our company in 2005. Anything that I have conceptualized, no matter how weird and wild, they have been able to build.

Charles W. Crutchfield Founder & CEO Simple Certified Mail

This is sincere: Digital Mettle cares deeply about the application they are building and the problems they are trying to solve. They think about all of the deeper questions that ultimately make software better. That is not what you always get from other developers, who often just want to "check a box" and say "it’s done".

Michael Worthington CEO BrightDoor Systems, Inc.

Digital Mettle knows how to help their clients understand the challenges, costs, risks, and rewards from multiple perspectives. No matter the enormous challenge thrown at them, Digital Mettle always finds a way to exceed expectations and deliver amazing products on time.

Aaron MazzePrincipalInveniv, LLC

Digital Mettle never “goes off in left field” like other development companies I've worked with. They always listen to what we have to say and deliver a solution which matches our needs on time and with minimal bugs.

Mark DeVineOwnerSensible Data Solutions

The technology they delivered is a great product, but more importantly, Digital Mettle is easy to work with. This is what how they really differentiate themselves. My company started from nothing, we were able to articulate verbally our ideas and Digital Mettle translated that into the technical solution that we needed to get started.

William C. Dengler, MD,FACSPresidentLegato Medical Systems, Inc.

What I like about working with Digital Mettle is that they give options and advice that help guide us to the best solution for the business case. When we have a project, they provide a personalized approach to the process of building the solution.

Christine ShimasakiManaging Director of empowermint.comDestination Marketing Association International

Digital Mettle was able to quickly learn the complexities of our business. I am proud that together we built a robust and aesthetically pleasing platform that is being used by hundreds of our clients.

Adam SacksManaging DirectorTourism Economics

Digital Mettle is unlike any company of software engineers I've ever worked with. Smart, but down to earth. Left-brain dominant, but understand right-brain driven marketing. Will actually sit in front of a client and talk business objectives.

Joseph GaitensMarcomm Strategy ConsultantIndependent

Honesty is what sets Digital Mettle apart. I've had many other vendors mislead me about what they know how to do, and Digital Mettle always tells it like it is.

Minh DuongSystem SpecialistSullo & Sullo, LLP Attorneys at Law

Customer Success Highlights

Patient relationship management and outcome tracking system

Product for a medical consulting company

Early example of AJAX techniques.

Online city guide website engine

Product for a startup company

Traditional ASP with a custom distributed content management system.


Corporate intranet site

Custom internal solution for an international corporation

Included a custom distributed content management system.

Standards compliant courseware converter and exporter

Addition to an existing proprietary internal solution

Traditional ASP and Microsoft SQL Server.


Multilingual open standards compliant learning management system

Product for an ERP training company

Server-side Java with custom cascading XSLT UI for per-customer customizations.

Desktop media management application

Custom internal solution for a Fortune 500 company

.NET winforms application with custom server back-end.


Custom home listing service

Web presence for a multi-location independent real estate broker

LAMP stack.

Document repository and project management solution

Internal solution for a marketing & PR firm



Mailing and package tracking system

Product for a startup company

ASP.NET with extensive integration to 3rd party services.

CRM and marketing toolset for the real-estate industry

Product for a startup company

ASP.NET, SQL Server, and Adobe Flash. Extensive multimedia presentation abilities.


Multiuser interactive game

Marketing solution for international corporation

Dynamically generated content in Adobe Flash.

Video processing, archiving, searching and playback server for DVR appliance

Product of a small international company specializing in law enforcement solutions

Wide range of Windows platform technologies.


Corporate website

Marketing solution for international corporation

ASP.NET with a custom distributed content management system.

Request for proposal (RFP) portal for large distributed sale force

Full redevelopment of existing product of a small startup company

ASP.NET web application.


Custom online storefront

Small established niche brick and mortar store

Installation and extensive customization of Able Commerce.

Online video interview and knowledge archive system

Product of a small established company

Adobe Flash with custom server back-end.


New front-end and API for established shared data repository

Product of global trade association

ASP.NET web application and SOAP web services.

SaaS online ordering for restaurants

New product of a small established company

ASP.NET with a distributed database.


Social network for creative professionals

New product of venture-backed startup

Adobe Flex with LAMP back-end. Integrated with Amazon Web Services.

Internal media repository and training tool

Redevelopment of existing internal solution for a Fortune 500 company

Adobe Flex with Microsoft Stack back-end.


SMS-based large group notification tool

New product of a startup company

Custom architecture allowing for massive numbers of transactions.

Mobile application add-on to existing “connected classroom” product

New product for mid-sized established company

Multi-platform development using Sencha Touch and PhoneGap.


Athlete training management system

Product of a new startup

Web application implemented using single page application (SPA) approach.

Video capture and e-learning development and distribution system

Internal solution for a medical teaching university

LAMP stack development and customization of 3rd party products.


Multiuser interactive presentation system

Marketing solution for fortune 500 company

.NET Windows desktop touchscreen application later redeveloped for multi-platform tablets.

Data broker API able to normalize the information returned from competing sources

Internal tool for mid-size software company

ASP.NET WebAPI and SignalR.


Content management system capable of generating responsive web applications

New product for established mid-size software company

ASP.NET MVC and Bootstrap. Integrated into existing CRM and sales support systems.

Mobile application add-on to existing CRM system

New product for established mid-size software company

Sencha Touch with ASP.NET WebAPI back-end. Partial replication and unification of five existing software systems.


Vaccine tracking system for pediatric group

Internal solution for established mid-size company

.NET WPF Windows Desktop application with distributed database back-end. Integrations with multiple pieces of specialized hardware.

Upgrades to specialized project management system

Internal solution for established public Energy Technologies company

ASP.NET MVC and MS SQL Server. Complex internally built system needed extensive additions in a rapid timeline with limited availability of the original developers.


Social network to connect junior athletes with college coaches

New product for a small startup company

Angular single page application with ASP.NET WebAPI hosted on Azure Cloud. Worked with founder from company inception through building their team and their product for a wide audience launch.

Specialized time tracking and reporting

Internal solution for a regulated charitable organization

Angular single page application with ASP.NET WebAPI. Automated complex process of compliant use of thousands of possible codes for grant funding process.


Customer portal for a national laboratory services company

Customer-facing solution for established mid-size company

Angular 2 with latest .NET Core server architecture. Interfaced and presented a wide range of operational back-end systems including CRM, Dynamics AX, digital signatures, and enterprise single sign-on.

Real Estate Sales Flyer Generator

A new product addition for established mid-size software company

Application allows mortgage loan officers extensive flexibility in creating co-branded marketing flyers with their real estate partners. The single screen interface and array of templated layouts facilitate simple assembly and professional results, while a built-in rules engine enforces compliance with federal regulations and corporate policies.


Modernized E-commerce and Inventory system for online retailer

Online presence and back-office automation for mid-size company

Custom integration of Able Commerce E-commerce system and Fishbowl Inventory Management software.

We’ll do something great for you.