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Digital Mettle is a technology consultancy and custom software development firm. The Digital Mettle staff has more than three decades of experience with application design, system architecture, multimedia creation, and network administration.

The Digital Mettle philosophy is to provide solid creative solutions for our clients overcoming all technical challenges.

After browsing this site and learning more about our experience and expertise, call us so we can get started in providing your next custom software system.

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Since our inception in 2001, Digital Mettle has demonstrated our capabilities as innovative computer application consultants. Our formation was the culmination of ongoing partnerships in the software development community that brought together a team of skilled professionals with a wide range of experience. These partnerships are the links in our problem solving chain.

At Digital Mettle our focus is on providing custom software applications that enable our clients to focus on their business objectives and allow them to perform at peak efficiency. Our goal is to bring all of our client's ideas to fruition, and to help facilitate the design process to achieve successful results.

Digital Mettle is the resolution to your application development needs. We maintain a balance of reliability and innovation with technology grounded in creative ideas. We are dedicated and thorough, and prove our mettle in our comprehensive solutions.

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Digital Mettle is attractive to the discriminating client because we provide superior software development work at a very competitive rate. Our appeal is even more magnetic in light of our experience providing creative, custom solutions for a variety of industries including web and multimedia businesses. Digital Mettle offers particular value in the consultation, design, and development of software systems for companies that want affordable solutions on a project-by-project basis.

We present the best quality solution for companies that don't need full-time, permanent staff, but still require the dependability of a proven team. Digital Mettle is a perfect match for any company that values ingenuity, reliability, and experience.

Website Design and Management

Digital Mettle has been involved in several website design and management initiatives. These projects focus on corporate Intranet/Internet websites, and require various technologies (HTML, dynamic content, graphic design, and more), coordination with information providers, and technical writing.

Web Application building

Web Application building involves constructing a new application from a traditional business process, or web-enabling an existing application. Digital Mettle has extensive experience in this realm, with the majority of our clientele engaging in one or more of these kinds of developments. Some of the tools of the trade are DHTML, XML, DOM, ActiveX, ASP, COM, COM+, JavaScript, VBScript, Messaging, Visual Interdev, Servlets, JSP, and Applets.

Visual Basic and MS Office programming

We have often been called on to create desktop applications, client/server based enterprise solutions, and office automation routines. Many times these projects involve using Visual Basic or VB for Applications to script several disparate products into a fully functional solution. Our approach in these circumstances is to use a RAD design methodology, Client/Server enterprise solutions, structured testing, office automation, SourceSafe, and ADO.

Java Multimedia programming

Digital Mettle has experience producing multimedia solutions using various Java technologies. These solutions involve hosting audio, video, and 3D animation within Java applets. We've worked under Java 1 & 2, and made use of the Java Media SDK, Swing, javac, Visual J++, Borland JBuilder, Sun Forte for Java, and Netbeans IDE.

C++ programming

Most of our C++ programming experience has been in the development of COM-based business objects. These typically form one of the tiers in an n-tiered programming model, with front-end tiers developed in ASP, VB, etc., and the back-end data housed in MSSQL Server, Access, Oracle, or other ODBC data sources.

Application Server and Web Server Administration

Many developments require the installation and administration of hardware and operating systems as well as the development of a software solution. We have extensive experience with Windows Servers, IIS, MS SQL Server, MTS, MSMQ, Tomcat, and many other application and web server platforms.

GUI Design

GUI Design goes hand-in-hand with most of our client/server and web-based application development. Coordinating with graphics designers and interface usability specialists, our job is to tie all of these elements together into a consistent front-end for an application. We are versed in Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Desktop Publishing, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Director, and 3D Studio, to name just a few.

Computer Support

Every software project inevitably requires a certain amount of computer support. Through our experience we've dealt with all flavors of hardware, operating systems, and various network configurations.

Database design and development

Most business applications deal with the storage and manipulation of large amounts of data. Through our project experience we have become adept at database design in MS SQL Server, Oracle, Access, other RDBMS's, OODB's, and XMLDB's.

System Architect

Software design requires analyzing and mapping the system requirements to software modules to create product architecture. We follow Object Oriented Design methodology as the primary guideline in system architecture. This phase also sees the development of a testing plan, and thorough documentation of the system. We have experience with UML tools including the Rational suite and Visio.

Project and Team Management

To bring together all the elements required in software development, we employ experienced project and team managers. These individuals are responsible for developing formal requirements using Joint Application Development Sessions, providing a solid client interface, and interacting with vendors. They are also tasked with managing full life cycle development, application migration, support and maintenance of existing systems.

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Digital Mettle BulletCapabilities

At Digital Mettle, we are familiar with a broad range of technologies both old and new and are able to draw on this experience to find the most appropriate solution for our clients. As projects demand, we acquire expertise in new technologies without requiring any additional impact on the project or client. Below is a history of the technologies with which we have experience.
  • Operating Systems: Windows; UNIX; Solaris; Linux; Macintosh
  • Languages: VB.NET, C#, Java, C/C++, PHP, Visual Basic, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, Lingo, ActionScript, Pascal, COBOL, Neuron C, Perl, TCL, FORTRAN
  • Software: VS.NET, Apache, Tomcat, Internet Information Server, SQL Server, SQL Server Reporting Services, Oracle, Visual Interdev, SourceSafe, Transaction Server, Microsoft Office, Site Server, Theater Server, Message Queue, Sun ONE Servers, Visio, Rational Software, Vignette, RescueWare, AMX Weblinx, Photoshop, Image Ready, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Blender, 3D Studio MAX, Director, Authorware
  • Technologies: .NET, ASP, SOAP, Servlets, JSP, Applets, XML, DOM, CSS, ActiveX, COM, ADO, NT Networking, CGI, Multimedia, Streaming Video, LDAP, DCOM, RDO, ODBC, RDBMS, Jet, UML, Remote Scripting
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Partners & Clients

Client Solution Case Studies:

Digital Mettle's Client Logo
Outsourcing Institute

Digital Mettle's Client Logo

Digital Mettle BulletPartners & Clients

Dependable, high quality solutions are the foundation upon which Digital Mettle is built. Our commitment to ingenuity is what distinguishes us from others in the field, and our clients have recognized this quality. We have engineered our business to enable synergistic interaction with our clients, which comes from respecting their opinions and enhancing our discussions with creative ideas.

Digital Mettle partner companies (who are also sometimes clients).

(either directly or through partner companies), Digital Mettle clients include:

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Partners & Clients

Client Solution Case Studies:

Digital Mettle's Client Logo
Outsourcing Institute

Digital Mettle's Client Logo

 Outsourcing Institute:
 website overhaul

The Outsourcing Institute (OI) is the first and only global professional association dedicated solely to outsourcing- the neutral "go to" source for unparalleled information, networking, resources, and customized services and solutions designed to help its customers achieve success in outsourcing.

When the leader in outsourcing went to outsource development of their website they came to Intellicisions Data Inc and Digital Mettle, LLC. OI has a large membership-based website, which had become difficult to maintain and required extensive effort for even minimal changes. The world of outsourcing is characterized by short notice and the need for lightning quick, pain-free responsiveness. The effort to keep their website as agile as their business demanded was becoming overwhelming for OI.

The first step to solving this problem was to do an examination of the current website design and architecture. The findings from this strategic exercise led the development team to several practical solutions that improved the grace and efficiency of the OI online presence. The first area to be addressed was a reorganization of the methodology "Intellicisions is pleased to have Digital Mettle as a strategic partner for delivering Internet solutions. I am continually impressed by their ability to find, communicate, and deliver straightforward solutions to complex technical problems."
Tad Richard
VP, Intellicisions
through which a myriad of users accessed the site. Digital Mettle modified the underlying structure of the site to accommodate three distinct groups of users: Buyers, Service Providers, and Industry Influencers. To further organize the site, "document security" on the website was changed to be administered by these customer groupings. Next, the look and feel of the site was tailored to each group accessing the site to give the appropriate experience to each type of website visitor. A decision-making tree was added to the site registration to guide each user to the correct grouping and gather valuable demographic data. Finally, online reporting utilities were custom developed to make business-critical data available at the fingertips of OI's managers.

The technical highlight of this project was an event registration and payment system. Digital Mettle built an application which allowed OI staff to schedule member conferences and public trade shows. OI website members could register as event attendees and pay for their registration fee online. Additional features of the system were attendee capacity limitations, payment reminders and validation, event reminders, attendee profiling, and administrative reporting.

This project involved Windows 2000 Server, IIS5, ASP, SQL Server 2000, Access 2000 and eCommerce via Verisign Payflow.

The success of this project allows the Outsourcing Institute to act as the premiere informational resource for buyers, service providers, and influencers of outsourcing resources and engagements.

See how Digital Mettle can deliver for you, contact us.

Copyright ©2003 Digital Mettle, LLC. All rights reserved

Partners & Clients

Client Solution Case Studies:

Outsourcing Institute


 Legato Medical:
 Patient Relationship System (PRS)

Legato Medical Systems, a leading health care consultancy, specializes in the evaluation and treatment of Heartburn and Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). Their goal is to work with local medical communities to establish heartburn treatment centers. These centers are dedicated to the treatment of patients suffering from Heartburn and GERD.

A key component of the Legato offering is their Patient Relationship System (PRS), a web hosted software application custom-tailored to the needs of a Heartburn Treatment Center. Envisioned by Legato, and realized by Digital Mettle, PRS facilitates a seamless patient experience by storing data on and monitoring the progress of every patient who seeks treatment at a Heartburn Treatment Center. PRS stores patient demographic data, allows the assignment of a treatment track, keeps track of how a patient proceeds through their treatment track, stores test and survey results, and automates portions of the patient communications process. Beyond these features, PRS also provides the ability for a nurse coordinator at a Heartburn Treatment Center to run several reports on the data gathered at their center, and to produce well formatted reports for their patients.

When Legato Medical first approached Digital Mettle about assisting them in the development of their PRS project, we suggested an intensive series of design sessions to help translate their very specific needs into a software and hardware architecture. These sessions led us to conclude that the best solution for Legato was a web hosted application that would serve every center they established, and provide a cohesive experience for all of their customers. The major benefit was in the ease of distribution of new features, which would allow every Legato center to immediately make use of any system improvements without the cumbersome process of distrubuting update disks. After system design, the next step in producing PRS was a database design in Microsoft SQL Server 2000. SQL Server was chosen since it was likely the amount of data and number of users would soon warrant the use of an enterprise level server. Much care was spent on the PRS user interface to provide a clean user experience that closely mirrored standard Windows-based applications. Extensive use of DHTML and client-side data access methods made this possible, and served to reduce development time.

The technical highlights of this project were the DHTML front end interface, and the use of the SQLXML interface with Microsoft SQL Server 2000. By making use of SQLXML we were able to request and send data from client-side code, which reduced the number of round trips to the server, and provided a more desktop application-style user experience.

This project involved Windows 2000 Server, IIS5, ASP, SQL Server 2000, SQLXML 3.0, and MSXML 3.0.

As Legato Medical has grown and become increasingly successful, PRS continues to be a cornerstone of their offering. Hospitals and patients alike are seeing the benefit of improved patient care and lower cost of patient management.

See how Digital Mettle can deliver for you, contact us.

Copyright ©2003 Digital Mettle, LLC. All rights reserved


Digital Mettle has had consulting and production experience with clients in a variety of market sectors. With each new client comes the excitement of learning the language, business processes, and standards associated with their market. The following are several featured markets we have dealt with and our experiences with them.


Much of the Digital Mettle team comes from a background of working for multimedia companies. From developing rich multimedia presentations, to building the software underpinnings that supported them, we have pushed the envelope in this field. The focus of most multimedia projects is communication, whether it is a video piece that is used at a tradeshow, or an interactive kiosk that informs the participant while gathering important demographic data. As a team, we have developed scheduling and interactive systems for Executive Briefing Centers, interactive presentation systems for trade shows, traveling kiosks, and much more.


Web-based training is an important and growing industry with which we've become extensively involved. Through our work in this industry we have become experts with several important industry standards, such as AICC and SCORM. These standards define the interoperability between courseware and the systems that host them, called Learning Management Systems (LMS). We have become familiar with course integration in several of the industry leading LMS providers, such as Docent and SABA. These systems, and the custom LMS's we've designed and built, make extensive use of the training industry standards for course integration and communication.

Finance & Accounting

Digital Mettle has experience developing accounting software solutions for financial institutions. Our solutions have involved the development of web-based timesheet entry systems, building interfaces to client payroll systems, and integration of several different accounting packages. We've been able to automate numerous manual processes, thereby reducing the cost of doing business. We bring a thoroughness and attention to detail to these projects which is highly valued by our customers, and ensures the success of each project.

Healthcare Consulting

The use of information technology in the healthcare consulting arena has seen substantial growth in the last several years. Healthcare professionals are looking for new ways to provide convenient services to their patients, and for more efficient ways to monitor a patient's treatment track. Our solutions for healthcare consultancies consist of web-based patient scheduling systems that are used to automate specialized care centers. These systems have improved the effectiveness of centers in monitoring their patient's progress. By automating the tasks of sending reminders, scheduling appointments, contacting patients for feedback, and reporting mechanisms, our systems have allowed healthcare professionals to cultivate a patient-centric mentality.


Trade Shows, Executive Briefing Centers, Interactive Kiosks.  Digital Mettle develops the technology for a broad spectrum of multimedia exhibits.  We provide a second-to-none customized user experience which captures and retains the attention of the audience.

Nortel Networks Executive Briefing Center


Facility for on-site client visits. Divided into areas which feature a variety of ways to interact with media and allow guests to learn about Nortel products in a manner best suited to their personality.

Designed and Implemented in 1999.  Media Systems updated August 2003.  In association with Marketecture, LLC.


Technology design and development, Product simulation design and development, Content management system design and development, Media production

Systems House Factory Tour


Four leader-lead interactive kiosks positioned throughout a manufacturing floor. Presenters control kiosk media via wireless PDA carried to each location.  Content is customized on-the-fly by presenter, based on questions and conversations with the guests, making it appear that the presentation was pre-configured to their interests.  Proximity activated media playback.

In association with VisionFactory, Inc.


Technology design and development, Content management system design and development, Interface design

Vignette Executive Briefing Center


Guests are assigned one of four 3D character virtual hosts to guide them throughout the experience. Each host represents a unique CXO position in a pseudo-company. This allows the visit to be custom tailored for each guest.  The site also features a ten screen mosaic with custom swivel mounts allowing it to face in or out of the center's glass wall.
In association with VisionFactory, Inc.


Overall project management, Technology design and development, Customer Relationship Management programming, Content management design/development

NC Museum of Natural Sciences Event Information Kiosk


Interactive kiosk guides visitors through fun engaging interface to learn about available Museum displays.  Uses a combination of touch and unique three-dimensional screens.  Allows for real-time updating of photographs of special events.


Media and kiosk entirely designed, manufactured and developed by Digital Mettle.  Less than two weeks between initial concept and implementation.

Tradeshow Presentation Platform


Facilitates one-on-one conversation between Subject Matter Experts and customers in a trade show environment.  Allows large companies with a broad range of products to present their wares in a uniform and easily digestible format.  Additionally, the platform increases a company's rate of return for a tradeshow through its customer tracking and reporting capabilities.

Implemented at: World Telecom, Supercomm, Cebit, South American Telecom, Wireless Mobile Tradeshow.

In association with VisionFactory, Inc.


Technology design and development, Product simulation design and development, Content management system design and development, Media production, development management, event management.

Employment At Digital Mettle

Digital Mettle, LLC is always on the lookout for great software engineering talent.  No matter what your experience, if you are extremely dynamic and self-motivated, we would like to hear from you.  Gain valuable experience in the exciting and fast-paced world of freelance software development!

Qualified applicants must have experience in several, and desire to learn all, of the following:

  • Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Macintosh
  • Languages: C#, Java, PHP, Visual Basic, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML,  ActionScript, Perl
  • Software: VS.NET, Eclipse, Netbeans, Apache, Tomcat, Internet Information Server, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Visual Interdev, SourceSafe, Microsoft Office, Flash
  • Technologies: .NET, Windows Desktop Applications, ASP, Servlets, JSP, XML, DOM, CSS, NT Networking

Applicants must live in the Raleigh-Durham area and be willing to commute to our North Raleigh office off Six Forks Road.

Please send all inquiries to

To apply please send your resume and a completed Employment Application Questionnaire (DOC, PDF, or HTML) to  All qualified candidates will have their applications placed on file and will be considered for any availability.

Contact Digital Mettle

For more information:

call / fax: 919-877-7977 or 855-344-6388
write: Digital Mettle LLC
182 Mine Lake Court #200
Raleigh NC 27615